King Clear Bars

Transparent Clear Barriers are the future in physical barriers.

Transparent Barriers increase the aesthetics of your home and business. Creating maximum protection while withdrawing the caged in feeling that traditional barriers create.

Made from the highest quality thermoplastic. Polycarbonate is used for bullet proof windows, riots shields and aeroplane windows.

King Security Supply and install Safety Barriers and Armed Bars.
Smart Bar technology manufactured by ViewProtect are a Physical Barrier with an integrated alarm sensor.

Smart Bars have the impressive ability to protect the home and inhabitants with physically strong clear bars that are integrated with a 24/7 active alarm monitoring system.

These bars connect to your alarm panel. Should there be any attempt at breaking into your premises through the bars, your alarm system is activated while the intruder is still outside the property and armed response is on the way.

This means for the first time ever you are able to maintain regular movements in your home while having all your windows armed and not setting the alarm off.

The Transparent Barriers are UV2 protected (both Sides) and backed By a 10 year guarantee.

Available in Monkey Proofing

Our Safety Barriers are best suited for gated communities and high rise flats. Assisting in keeping children from falling out of windows while not obstructing s your view

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