Industrial Roller Shutters

Industrial Roller Shutters
Are used to secure.

Factories, wharehouses, storage Facilities, Steel Structure Barns, secure underground parking lots and shops fronts.


Roller shutter doors that we manufacture are all custom designed and fabricated. They are space saving as each door is unobstructed when open allowing for free access.

The heavy duty industrial roller shutter provides high security with maximum strength. Our specialised powder coating techniques allows us to offer a wide range of colours.

We offer a wide variety of operating mechanisms and locking devices.

Standard doors push pull, chain or crank operated:

Extra wide guides 100mm/150mm
Sloping T-bars (for uneven floors)
Weather seals (help towards a dust tight application)
Vision panels (to allow visual access through door)
Through wall operation (Door fitted outside with operation mechanism inside)
End locks ( Used for Powder coated doors and to limit noise of door)
Wicket gates/Paedestrian doors (Allow for access through a smaller door with in the large door) This accessories can be add to existing doors.
Automated doors:

Open and close push button control box
Photocells (stops door from closing onto items or vehicles within the opening.
Vehicle detectors/floor sensors (sensor in the floor which detects the vehicle and automatically opens)
Timing facilities
Emergency crank or chain over ride in case of power failure.